About Us

I have owned Airedales since 1989 and Irish since 2006 when I was introduced by my incredible friend & mentor, Susan Anderson. 

My first Airedale for show and breeding was Teaka, Ch. Contaire's My Day Will Come, she would go on to be my foundation bitch.  She was bred by Susan Anderson without whom I would have given up on the breed I care for so deeply long ago. She also introduced me to the Irish Terrier when I met her girl "Blitz".

Together in 2003 Susan and I imported Mitro from Moscow to expand our Airedale gene pool and then in 2006 and 2008 we imported "Duke" and "Hardi" from France to expand into Irish Terriers. In 2015 I discovered Dan , and he soon discovered his passion for Terriers and has never looked back. In 2017 we went back to France to bring home Duke's granddaughter Nice. All of these dogs go onto influence our program today and we are so thankful to the breeders who shared them with us. 

All of our puppies are born in the house and live with us until approximately 9 weeks old. They are exposed to our other dogs as well as our cats and experience the busy household right from the get-go. 

All of our dogs live as house dogs, share our couches & popcorn too (at least they think they should! At the end of the day most of them sleep in our bedroom. 

Our priority is the preservation of both these amazing breeds. We are dedicated to the survival of the type and temperament people around the world have adored for generations. We breed very few litters and with great care the puppies we do produce are coveted and celebrated. 


Ch. O'Nut Glen Burgundy Duke

The patriarch of our Irish Terrier program. 


Fifteen years old

Olga lives a hard life of naps and snacks in her old age. 

Baby Cru

Plotting mischief

A young "Cru" no doubt plotting the demise of her siblings!